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Metal Candle Topper

Metal Candle Topper

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Decorative Candle Toppers for jar candles not only dress up a candle jar they help candles burn more evenly.

Perfect not only to ensure your candle burns evenly and longer these beautiful metal toppers allow you to disguise reusable jars and turn them into decorative pieces.

What is a Candle Topper?
A Candle Topper is typically an elegantly designed metal “lid” that sits on top of your larger jar candles while they burn.  Candle Toppers are also great if you burn candles in a dark room as they cast beautiful designs on the ceiling and around the room, depending on the position of your candle and since they’re made of metal they will last forever! 

How Does a Candle Topper Work?
If you’ve ever burned a large candle you may notice the flame flickering and dancing about.  A Candle Topper essentially eliminates this flicker allowing a constant heat source to radiate out over the wax surface allowing for a consistent and even burn.  Candle Toppers are designed to allow the candle to retain the heat that is needed to form larger wax pools.

These Candle Toppers will fit large and medium jar candles (73-81mm).

The sculpted metal Candle Topper adds a distinctive, refined touch to a lit candle.


Material: Zinc Alloy
Diameter: 82mm/3.23 inch
Inner Diameter: 72mm/2.83 inch
Fit for 73-81mm/2.87-3.19inch Jar Candle

Package Includes:

1 x Candle Topper


NOTE: This item ships directly from our wholesale supplier and may take up to 4 weeks to receive although in most instances it is 2-3 weeks.

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