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Bewitched Angel

Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading

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Angel Card Reading is a form of divination that uses a deck of cards with images and messages from the angelic realm. An Angel Card Reading can help you connect with your guardian angels, receive guidance and insight, and feel more positive and uplifted.

Some benefits of an Angel Card Reading are:

  • You can ask questions or seek advice on topics such as love, career, health, or spirituality.
  • You can receive messages of love, support, and encouragement from your angels, who are always with you and want to help you.
  • You can gain clarity and perspective on your current situation, challenges, and opportunities.
  • You can discover your life purpose, soul mission, and divine gifts.
  • You can enhance your intuition and psychic abilities.

If you are interested in Angel Card Reading, you request one here today.

With over 35 years of card reading experience your reader Kate will use her intuition and connection with the angels to select the most relevant cards for you. She will also explain the meaning of each card and how it applies to your question or situation. You can choose from different types of readings, such as:

  • A one-card reading for a quick answer or guidance
  • A three-card reading for a past-present-future overview
  • A seven-card reading for a comprehensive analysis
  • A ten-card look ahead reading for the next 6 months

Depending on the connection Kate feels with you she will choose from different decks of cards, such as:

  • Archangel Oracle Cards
  • Angel Therapy Oracle Cards
  • Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards
  • Angel Tarot Cards
  • Guardian Angel Tarot Cards

To book an Angel Card Reading session simply order from here with your chosen selection. You will receive an email requesting some basic information so the connection can begin.

The reading will be in audio however if you are hearing impaired Kate will happily provide you with a written reading. An image of the drawn cards will also be provided. The reading will be emailed to you when completed.

Kate looks forward to hearing from you and helping you connect with your angels.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
P Evans
Insightful Reading

Thank you so much for such an insightful reading. That was just so true and really what I need to do. No matter how much I have dealt with the deep hurt inside me, I can't let go of the anger and resentment. Just to see those words give me hope and remind me that I do deserve to be loved - for me, not for what others want from me. Many, many thanks.

K Pass

Thanks so much for sending this message. It is relevant to several issues in my life and alerts me to think carefully about any decisions I am to make in the next 3 months xx


Omg u r right I'm not moving forward and yes I do have fears but now I will let it go and move forward xx

J Steele
Thank you

Thank you for your reading and you are spot on I am a giver and have given even more lately. I know I need to do something for me but having the time at the moment seems impossible. I promise I'll try! Thank you so much

T Murray
Thank you

Thank you for my short reading the other day, you were spot on!!!