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Bewitched Angel

Fuck Off Spray - Keep idiots & fuckwits away

Fuck Off Spray - Keep idiots & fuckwits away

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Is your life full of fuckwits and idiots you wish would just fuck off?

This spritzer spray is perfect to keep the idiots away and keep the environment fuckwit free for up to 4 hours.

Simply spray in your personal space (or if you feel really naughty discretely spray on them, it will do everybody a favour).

Fuck Off Spray can be used anytime and anywhere, here are some examples:

  • Shopping and people just keep annoying you? One spritz of fuck off spray above their the fuckwits head will get rid of them or just spray in front of you as you walk around, and you will get a free path to move forward.
  • Does your boss keep annoying you? Wait until he/she is at lunch or go to the office early and 4 spritzes of fuck off spray low to the ground will sort them out.
  • Fed up with idiots being in your personal space, spritz your personal space including soft furnishings. Those pesky idiots will give you a wide birth.
  • Working from home and your boss keeps messaging you? One spritz of Fuck Off Spray at the ceiling level high above your computer monitor will sort them out (and chant fuck off while spraying).

Featuring our signature "Idiot Free Scent" aroma mist with the perfect spell-infused fragrance to repel fuckwits and idiots. You will love the fragrance but they will hate it.

This is the perfect gag gift for any occasion.


Made in Australia.
Made to order.
Vegan friendly.
Recyclable and reusable packaging.

Handmade by Bewitched Angel

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