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Bewitched Angel

Chill Out Music, Be Mindful Music, Relaxation Music Collection - Instant Download

Chill Out Music, Be Mindful Music, Relaxation Music Collection - Instant Download

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"What If You Had And Could Provide The Exact Tools Necessary To Rewire Your Tension And Begin Getting TRUE Results With The Ease Of Audio?"

Imagine... if you have everything you'll ever need to jumpstart your knowledge and learn the truth on this important subject...

Don't you want to accomplish your goals faster?

You will want to and that is why I've taken the time to compile this entire audio product for you.

Getting results means getting yourself equipped - completely armed to the teeth when it comes to this subject and having easy-to-use tools.

It is time to divert your full attention and be fully present - and get the correct tools.
You don't want to waste time anymore because life is short.

Are you ready to achieve true success?

Cost-effective music therapy.

  • - Perfect tempo music to slow your breathing!
  • - An effective relaxation and stress management tool.
  • - A way to promote the relaxation of tense muscles.
  • - A way to help your brain get into a meditative state!
  • - Music to set affirmations to!
  • - A way to deal with the stressful effects of dealing with driving snarl-ups.
  • - A way to help with anxiety and depression!
  • - Music to help induce sleep!

This audio collection contains the following:

  • - 2 Beautiful and Restful Ambient tracks
  • - 1 Emotion Stirring Celtic track
  • - 1 track For Achieving Chi
  • - 1 Beautiful Soft Strings Meditation track
  • - 1 Chanting Meditation track

All ready for you to download instantly in MP3 format.

* The download link will be emailed to you. You will not receive the cd's.

Bewitchedangel has full legal rights to sell the audio in this collection and complies with Etsy requirements for the sale of digital products.

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