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Beauty Kit - 1 years supply - Natures Botox

Beauty Kit - 1 years supply - Natures Botox

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Did you know you can get a year's supply of beauty from just one bottle of DoTerra Salubelle?*

Salubelle is the most amazing essential oil blend and beauty product on the market. I am living proof!
At 57 I have minimal lines on my face and neck, my skin is clear, smooth and radiant. Take a look at the photo I have provided in this listing, yes this is me without makeup no touchups.

It is said by some that Salubelle is natures Botox!

Salubelle is a unique proprietary blend of rare essential oils:
Frankincense Resin, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender Flower, Myrrh Gum Resin, Helichrysum Flower, Rose Flower

  • Use this oil to assist in hydration, blemish and line minimisation no matter what your age.
  • Assists in minimising the visibility of stretch marks.
  • Minimises fine lines on face.
  • Minimises liver spots on hands.

Because Salubelle is so concentrated and our skin is very delicate it is always recommended to dilute the oil before using.

The kit provides you with everything you need to create up to 10 bottles of Salubelle which will last on average 12 months.

This amounts to amazing value when compared to other products that do not live up to their claims and are full of synthetics that may harm the body:

$16.60/month or $0.55 a day! (in A$)

This kit includes:

- Instructions on how to dilute and use
- 1 x Salubelle 10ml
- 1 x Fractionated Coconut Oil 100ml
- 1 x 10ml Cobolt Blue Roller Bottle
- 1 x roller bottle label
- 1 x Funnel
- 1 x Pippet

*Only if diluted using instructions provided

Vegan friendly.
Chemical free.
100% natural.
Recyclable and reusable packaging.

Always contact your medical practitioner if uncertain of your health condition before using products containing essential oils.
Do not ingest.

Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils to balance and harmonize the body and mind, helps to stimulate certain areas of the brain which can have a huge positive impact on your physical and mental state. The receptors in the human nose can perceive over a trillion different smells and can actually communicate with the hippocampus and amygdala in the brain, the key areas in the brain responsible for storing emotions and memories. When essential oil molecules are inhaled, research shows that these areas are stimulated which in turn influences our physical, mental and emotional states directly.

Handmade by Bewitched Angel | Therapeutically blended essential oils, prepared & sourced in Australia
Qualifications - Katherine Quirke: Dip Aromatherapy (Dist)

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