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Bewitched Angel

Fart Be Gone Spray - Stop choking on stinky farts

Fart Be Gone Spray - Stop choking on stinky farts

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Do you live with a farter?
Do you hate the smell of your own fart?
Want to shrink and disappear when you when a fart slip out?

How about a fun gift for your favourite farter?

Repel farts forever!

The problem has now been solved!

Imagine you are with a group of friends and you really need to let a fart slip.
Discreetly pop out Fart Be Gone a quick spritz and let the fart go.
Everybody will be so grateful and enjoy the fragrance and not your fart.
You save yourself the inevitable embarrassment.

Live with a farter? Partner or kids?
Nip the farting giggles in the bud and whip out Fart Be Gone.
You will have the last laugh as the room will smell amazing.

Before going to the toilet spray on the top of bowl water.
It will mask the smell and save you from feeling embarrassed when the next person uses the toilet.

Featuring our signature "Fart Masking Scent" aroma mist with the perfect spell-infused fragrance to stop the embarrassing smell of farts and allow you and others to breathe easy.

Everybody will be grateful for the beautiful smell.

100ml spray

Made in Australia.
Made to order.
Vegan friendly.
Recyclable and reusable packaging.

Handmade by Bewitched Angel

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