I have always been a little different. As time ticks on I am tending to embrace this more and more.

I sew most of my clothes, I cook, I embrace alternative therapies and I look for all kinds of solutions using upcycled products.

Many call me a white witch, I have no idea what that means and don't really care I guess.

So my store has been created with all my passions for sale to share with others. All products I sell are practically useful and offered to bring happiness and love.

I use 3 labels Ktee, Katherine Quirke Photography and Bewitched Angel. These are all mine and I make and create solely under these labels. The reason being is some years ago I started with the label Ktee for my headbands and Kindle covers and just fancied sticking with that for these types of products, Bewitched Angel sums me up and well the photography label speaks for itself.

Other goodies I source are usually a bit different and not your usual massed produced products.

In addition periodically I will be adding some second hand items and collectables for sale.

Much of the packaging I use is recycled, for example, you may find candles in unusual sizes, containers and jars that can be reused. Some of the products will be one-off, unique pieces sourced from recycled or upcycled products. Other short-run items - ie not massed produced in a factory but with love in my pet-free, smoke-free home.

I currently live in Sydney, Australia surrounded on the outskirts by the Australian bush.

I hope you enjoy visiting my store.